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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Non-EEO Informal Process

ADR Technique- Mediation (Process would be similar for other ADR techniques.)

Employee (1st Party) contacts ADR Coordinator/Contact for Intake
NOTE: If 1st Party does not wish to pursue ADR, the process ends.
If 1st Party wishes to pursue ADR, the ADR Coordinator/Contact contacts 2nd Party
NOTE: If 2nd Party does not wish to pursue ADR, the process ends.
If 2nd Party wishes to pursue ADR, the parties to the dispute/conflict are requested to sign an "Agreement to Mediate" (a fax signature is acceptable).
Upon receipt of the "Agreement to Mediate" signed by the parties to the dispute/conflict, the ADR Coordinator/Contact schedules the ADR meeting(s).
NOTE: If either party refuses to sign the "Agreement to Mediate," the process ends.
After scheduling the mediation, the ADR Coordinator/Contact issues the "Mediation Confirmation Letter." If either party is a union member, a copy of the "Mediation Confirmation Letter" is provided to the union president.
NOTE: If either party to the conflict/dispute does not attend the mediation session, the mediator will issue the "No Show Form" to the party to the conflict/dispute, in attendance. A copy will be mailed to the other principal party.**
Mediation conference is held. Any party participating in the mediation conference who has not signed the "Agreement to Mediate" is asked to do so at this time. All parties participating in the mediation conference must sign the "Agreement to Mediate" before the mediation conference can proceed. (This is a requirement of 3rd party neutrals used for mediation.)
If an agreement is reached during mediation, parties use the "Resolution Agreement Form" to document terms of agreement and obtain necessary signatures. The parties to the conflict will each be provided a copy.**
NOTE: If the parties are unable to reach agreement, the mediator will provide a copy of the "No Agreement Form" to the parties to the conflict/dispute.**
The mediator destroys his/her notes before leaving the mediation conference.
The mediator provides a copy of the forms used to the ADR Coordinator/Contact.


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