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Employee Assistance Program

The EAP is a counseling service available to employees.


Alternative Work Schedule

You can balance your work life, personal life, and the needs of your family. If you are an FAS employee, you may read more about Job Sharing.


Family Friendly Workplace

The Family Friendly Workplace includes the Elder Care Program, Adoption Benefits, Domestic Violence.

Safety and Health Services

Welcome to the Safety and Health Web Site. We value our employees and want to ensure that they are provided a safe and healthy environment.


Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Program Direct questions or concerns to



Employees interested in teleworking at a Telework Center should consult with their supervisor and complete the necessary forms


Commuter Benefits

Commuter Benefits includes Transit Subsidy Benefit and Pre-Tax Parking Benefits.

Reasonable Accommodation

Refer to Handbook 31-PM, Reasonable Accommodation. Copies are available from the FFAS DEPM or from the Management Services Division (MSD).


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