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What MIDAS is:

MIDAS is the Farm Service Agency’s initiative to “Modernize and Innovate the Delivery of Agricultural Systems”. The heart of the MIDAS initiative is to improve the delivery of FSA farm program benefits and services through the re-engineering of farm programs business processes and the adoption of enhanced and modernized information technology. MIDAS modernizes the delivery of farm programs and services in the following ways:

  • Improve access and convenience for producers, ranchers, famers, and field office employees

  • Rapidly develop and deploy new farm programs using modernized Information Technology (IT) systems and software

  • Advance and streamline business processes using the industry best practices and methodologies

  • Achieve compliance by improving oversight, management, and accountability for administering FSA farm programs

The MIDAS project’s success is measured by the enhanced business process efficiencies, improved services to customers, achievements in compliance (reduction in erroneous payment percentages) and the decreased redundancies within farm program delivery and services.


What MIDAS is NOT:

The term MIDAS is sometimes mistakenly used to address all of FSA’s modernization efforts. MIDAS is a big piece of the modernization efforts; however, it’s NOT the only FSA modernization initiative. MIDAS is one of 4 modernization initiatives which include BPMS, EDW, and FSA-FMMI; and several on-going projects geared towards modernizing the delivery of FSA programs and services.

Below are some key points to explain what MIDAS is NOT:

  • MIDAS is NOT an effort to reduce or eliminate County Offices – Instead, MIDAS will allow County Office staff to better deliver services and benefits to their customers.

  • MIDAS is NOT new hardware – As one of several modernization initiatives, MIDAS specifically encompasses improved business processes, enhanced service delivery through the use of new IT functionality and capabilities, and new software application technology to deliver farm programs. The new software application technology will be supported by SAP, a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software package.

  • MIDAS is NOT stabilization – Stabilization refers to operations and maintenance of current legacy and web-based systems. MIDAS is in its planning phases and until the new application software is deployed and in operation, stabilization is non-existent for MIDAS.

  • MIDAS is NOT just an IT initiative - MIDAS is a collaborative, cross-functional effort within FSA. MIDAS involves the entire organization. MIDAS intends to involve all of FSA personnel at various phases of the project. While MIDAS is a cornerstone of the Farm Program modernization, it relies on the overall FSA IT Transformation.






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