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What’s New

MIDAS Began Blueprinting for Future Releases

MIDAS deployed its first release, Farm Records, in April 2013. This phase included the ability of FSA employees to view and work with producer’s farm records and aerial maps of their farm or ranch (accomplished through aerial photography using geographic information system [GIS] technology), Business Partner – Fiduciary (i.e., power of attorney, conservatorship, guardianship), and functions in the crop validation system (CVS) (i.e., crop tables). The MIDAS team, in conjunction with stakeholders across FSA and USDA worked hard all summer to improve system performance and responsiveness for end users.


Currently the MIDAS Project team, made up of representatives from MIDAS, FSA, USDA, and other Agencies, is in the Blueprinting phase for the future releases of MIDAS, including Business Partner, Inventory Reporting, and Acreage Reporting. The Business Partner functionality will transition creation and maintenance of customer business partner information from multiple external systems to the MIDAS solution. With the Inventory Reporting and Acreage Reporting release, MIDAS will extend data and processes allowing field offices to take acreage reports. Integration with GIS will reduce redundant data entry and increase data integrity. The Blueprinting phase incorporates information from Agency business owners, MIDAS Business Process Owners (BPOs), and system designers to create one system that is effective for the end user.

To learn more about MIDAS, visit the USDA Connect MIDAS community. USDA Connect is designed to foster collaboration, interaction, and operational efficiency between USDA employees and contractors across all agencies and offices. To access the MIDAS community and sub-communities, users must have Level II eAuthentication through USDA. Please click here to visit the MIDAS community and sub-communities.




Bringing MIDAS to Go-live: MIDAS Training

Getting one step closer to go-live, MIDAS kicked off Super User and State Train-the-Trainer efforts on March 18th in Kansas City. The MIDAS training began with the Super User training March 18-20. Matt Kleski, a Super User reporting from the training, said the event went really well and that he was excited by the system. Matt also noted that all end users will be impressed with the very informative MIDAS training.

MIDAS training is continuing this week with State Train-the-Trainer in Kansas City from March 25-28. The State Trainer Training is divided into two sessions, session A will be March 25-26, and session B will be March 27-28. Check back regularly to get updates on MIDAS training and the drive towards MIDAS Go-Live.




Read the MIDAS Updates in the Winter Edition of the MIDAS Press

The Winter 2013 MIDAS Press newsletter is now available online. This edition features an update from MIDAS Program Manager, Amy Allison, discussing the beginning of Integration Test Cycle 3 (ITC) and what this means for farm records go-live. The newsletter also includes an introduction to the hyper care process for go-live, and a MIDAS training overview for DC and KC staff. Further articles highlight one MIDAS Business Process Analyst’s move to D.C. and what that means for her new role, as well as an Ohio Super User that delivered a successful MIDAS Change Workshop to his state. Read the MIDAS Press.




Happy New Year Update from MIDAS


Happy 2013! This year we will deploy the first release of MIDAS. Watch for Deployment 1.0 in early 2013, and Deployment 1.1 in summer 2013.

Deployment 1.0 uses a staggered release and aims to ensure system readiness. The Deployment 1.0 launch in Winter 2013 will include Farm Records with GIS Integration, Business Partner - Fiduciary, and Product Master (CVS). The second half of the staggered Deployment 1.0 launch that follows in Spring 2013 will include Acreage Reporting with GIS Integration, Inventory Reporting with GIS Integration, and Analytics to support Acreage Reporting and Inventory Reporting.

Deployment 1.1 is scheduled to be released in Summer 2013. This deployment will include MAL Program (excluding sugar and cotton), BIN Management with GIS, Measurement Services, Analytics for MAL, and Business Partner. All deployments are closely coordinated with Farm Program business cycles.




For more information, please visit the USDA Connect MIDAS Community.


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