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Laws and Regulations

Notice Number For Notice Title Date Posted Date Effective Status
FSFL-124 State and County Offices Common Erros Being Made With FSFL's in DLS
Pages: 3
11/25/2016 11/24/2015 CURRENT
LP-2215 State and County Offices and CMAs, DMAs, and LSAs Crop Year 2015 MAL and LDP General Policies
Pages: 10
11/17/2015 11/16/2015 CURRENT
LP-2214 State and County Offices Interim Process for Handling Multi-County Producers and Loans and LDP's Exceeding COC Maximum Yields
Pages: 15
10/16/2015 10/16/2015 CURRENT
CMA-139 State and County Offices and CMA's, DMA's, and LSA's Denied Market Loan Gain (MLG) and Loan Deficiency Overpayment Policy and Procedures
Pages: 3
10/16/2015 10/16/2015 CURRENT
FSFL-123 State and County Offices FY 2016 FSFL Authorized Activities
Pages: 2
10/13/2015 10/13/2015 CURRENT
SU-95 State and County Offices FY 2016 SSFL Approved Apportionment
Pages: 2
10/02/2015 10/01/2015 CURRENT
FSFL-122 State and County Offices FY 2016 FSFL Approved Apportionment and Limited FY 2016 FSFL Transactions Authorized Until Further Notice
Pages: 3
10/02/2015 10/01/2015 CURRENT
LP-2212 State and County Offices and CMA's Marketing Authorizations for Farm-Stored MAL's in Commodity Loan Processing System (CLPS)
Pages: 3
09/22/2015 09/21/2015 CURRENT
LD-638 State and County Offices Closeout of MILC Outstanding Payments
Pages: 3
09/09/2015 09/09/2015 CURRENT
FSFL-121 State and County Offices Announcing New Eligible FSFL Commodities
Pages: 2
08/17/2015 08/17/2015 CURRENT
CMA-138 State and County Offices, CMA's, DMA's, and LSA's 2014 CMA, DMA, and LSA Interim LDP and Marketing Loan Gain (MLG) Reconciliation Process and Deadline
Pages: 9
08/14/2015 08/13/2015 CURRENT
FSFL-119 State and County Offices Important Actions Required Related to Linking Co-Borrowers in DLS
Pages: 4
08/12/2015 08/11/2015 CURRENT
LP-2211 State and County Offices and CMA's Crop Year 2015 Recourse Loans
Pages: 2
08/11/2015 08/10/2015 CURRENT
LP-2210 State and County Offices Clarifying Terms and Policy for MAL's Processed in the Commodity Loan Processing System (CLPS)
Pages: 8
07/31/2015 07/30/2015 CURRENT
FSFL-118 State and County Offices Approving FSFL's in FBP and DLS
Pages: 2
06/30/2015 06/30/2015 CURRENT
LP-2209 State and County Offices, Peanut CMA's, and DMA's 2015 Crop Peanut Loan Rates by Type
Pages: 1
06/26/2015 06/26/2015 CURRENT
SP-70 AK, FL, HI, and PR State and County Offices Announcing Signup for FY 2015 Reimbursement Transportation Cost Payment (RTCP-VI) Program for Geographically Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Insular Areas
Pages: 3
06/22/2015 06/19/2015 CURRENT
LP-2208 State and County Offices 2015 County Loan Rates for Wheat, Feed Grains, and Oilseeds
Pages: 1
04/17/2015 04/17/2015 CURRENT
LP-2207 State and County Offices 2015 Crop Year Pulse Crop Loan Rates and Loan Repayment Rates
Pages: 3
03/20/2015 03/20/2015 CURRENT
LP-2206 State and County Offices and CMA's 2015 Crop Year Loan Rates for Rice
Pages: 1
03/20/2015 03/20/2015 CURRENT
PS-569 State and County Offices Correcting External eLDP Applications
Pages: 4
08/31/2006 08/29/2006 CURRENT
LP-1979 State and County Offices, CMAs, DMAs, and LSAs Clarifying Delinquent Status for Administering Provisions of The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 (DCIA)
Pages: 3
01/06/2005 01/06/2005 CURRENT

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