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Development Process

Release & Maintenance Phase



The Release and Maintenance phase is the "support phase" for a system. Defects may be discovered that could push the system back into the Construction and Assembly phase to implement fixes. New requirements may also be requested and documented that could lead to future iterations, taking the system back to the Requirements and Analysis phase.

What To Do

If a defect is discovered, a Change Request (CR) should be entered into the Change Management System (ClearQuest). In addition to defects, CRs may also include requests for new features, enhancements, corrections, and so on. Once the CR is completed, it should be submitted through the proper channels for approval and then, when appropriate, closed out in ClearQuest. The Change Control Board (CCB) oversees this process, and may consist of various representatives including managers, stakeholders, developers, testers, etc.

Note, while it is common for CRs to be entered during this phase, change management practices are often institutionalized or established earlier in the project lifecycle. As such, CRs can be raised at any time during the course of the project.

Additionally, during this phase, the development team will perform Post Release Assessment - to cover the following:

  • Lessons learned for the project
  • Document any known needed enhancements
  • Document any planned technology changes
  • Revisit and update the long term vision of the application.

Database Management Office (DBMO)

Interaction with the DBMO will likely occur during every phase of the SDLC. During this phase the DBMO may be contacted to support the movement of data back to development for rework. In this case, the DBA and DA would be utilized based on the level of rework required (database changes, data model changes, constraints, indexes added/deleted, etc.).

There may also be a need to change or manipulate data in the production database environment. In this case, all requests should be sent directly to DBMO. The following must be included in the RFA:

  • For each atomic SQL statement to be processed there will be a count of the data rows to be affected.
  • A subject matter expert (SME) from the requesting organization must be available immediately following the processing by the DBMO staff to confirm that the execution of the data change request has had the desired effect. The SME shall have a complete understanding of the data and its effect on the business processes that it supports.

Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

C&A documentation to consider during this phase: Plans of Actions & Milestones, SecurityCertification Signatures, Security Accreditation Signatures.

Contact the Information Security Office for further details regarding specific efforts relevant to this phase of the SDLC.

Records Management

During the Release and Maintenance Phase development teams need to ensure that the Mid-Cycle Review is complete (NARA requires a review to occur 3 years after going to production to validate records management requirements and records schedules). For more information visit the FSA Records Management Web Site.

Core Artifacts:

System Release Checklist
(in JIRA Release Tracker)


Last Modified: 07/01/15 2:01:59 PM

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