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Welcome to Arkansas FSA

Arkansas State Office
700 West Capitol Ave, Rm 3416
Little Rock, AR 72201-3225







Updated ARC/PLC Payment Information Now Available


For information concerning the ARC/PLC program follow the link listed above. Information includes:

  • ARC/PLC Payments as of November 5, 2015
  • ARC-County Yields, Revenue, and Payment Rates as of November 5, 2015
  • Wheat, Corn, and Soybean Revenue Maps for ARC-County
  • Background on 2014-Crop ARC/PLC Payments with Examples






Launching the Celebration – 30 Years of Conservation
2015 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Conservation Reserve program (CRP) and in recognition of this milestone; FSA has launched a commemorative website. The web address is We hope you'll visit the site often to take an interactive, cross-country tour and see the nationwide impact of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) unfold virtually over the next several months.


graphic of Farm Service Agency Conservation Reserve Program 30 logo








Arkansas Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) Normal Grazing Period

The Arkansas State Committee established normal grazing periods for each of the grazing types listed in the chart below. The established grazing periods are applicable to all counties in the State. Supporting documentation was provided from the University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extension Service Factsheet FSA2139.

Pasture Type
Start Date
End Date
Improved Pasture with permanent vegetative cover (non-irrigated)
April 1
October 31
Native Pasture with permanent vegetative cover (non-irrigated)
April 1
October 31
Small grain crops planted specifically for the purpose of providing grazing for covered livestock (non-irrigated) Long Season
November 1
April 30
Small grain crops planted specifically for the purpose of providing grazing for covered livestock (non-irrigated) Short Season
November 1
March 31
Forage sorghum crops planted specifically for the purpose of providing grazing for covered livestock (non-irrigated)
June 1
September 30




In the News




USDA Farm Service Agency Offers Farm Bill Website and Online Review of Farm Bill Programs

The Agricultural Act of 2014 (the Act), also known as the 2014 Farm Bill, was signed by President Obama on Feb. 7, 2014. The Act repeals certain programs, continues some programs with modifications, and authorizes several new programs administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA). Most of these programs are authorized and funded through 2018.

For the latest on 2014 Farm Bill programs administered by FSA, please visit our Farm Bill website at and for an FSA program overview please read, download and/or print our recently posted FSA Farm Bill Fact Sheet titled, What's in the 2014 Farm Bill for Farm Service Agency Customers?

For more information on FSA, please contact your local USDA Service Center or visit us online at




Dates to Remember

November 11, 2015 - FSA offices closed
November 26, 2015 - FSA offices closed
December 25, 2015 - FSA offices closed
January 1, 2016 - FSA offices closed


  • Final Date to Inform FSA of Crop Losses is Prior to the Crop Disposition.
  • Reports of Failed Acreage Must be Filed with the County Office Before Disposition of the Crop.
  • Reports of Prevented Planting Acreage Must be Filed with the County Office no Later than 15 Calendar Days after the Final Planting Date for that County.


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