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In the News

Check out the our Programs page (link provided on the left) to see the program presentations provided during our Workshop at the 2014 Farm & Forest! ! !


! ! ! Damaging Insect: Emerald Ash Borer ! ! !

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was found in Concord, NH in March 2013. This non-native insect attacks only ash trees. Millions of ash trees have died in the Midwest. Visit the website for more information on EAB and to find out how to help protect New Hampshire’s ash trees.


Aerial Imagery Available Through USDA’s
Aerial Photo Field Office


























For more than half a century, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has acquired high quality aerial photographs to support federal farm programs.
The USDA’s Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) is home to one of the country’s largest aerial film libraries. We currently house more than 70,000 rolls of film. Our imagery dates from 1955 to the present, and is available at several different scales and in stereo. The APFO has a photographic wet lab, which allows us to print photos on site.
You can order this aerial imagery by contacting the APFO by phone, fax, mail or email. Click here for more information.




FSA’s new loan program

Microloan Program






























Click on the link above for more information on FSA’s new Microloan Program.



FSA’s Electronic Newsletter
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Please click here for more information on
available through the USDA Farm Service Agency



Click on the link above to view the new acreage reporting deadlines starting with 2013 crops.

Filing an accurate and timely report for all crops and land uses, including prevented planting and failed acreage, can prevent loss of benefits for FSA programs. Each producer who expects to receive benefits under an FSA program is responsible for complying with every provision of that program, including:
  • highly erodible and wetland conservation
  • providing accurate acreage reports and production evidence (when required)


Contact your local FSA office to schedule an appointment to report your acreage, for additional information about Acreage Reports, or for information regarding other FSA programs. Click on the County Office Locator (at left) to find your local office.




Additional Articles and News Releases can be read on the State News Release Site. Select “State News Releases” from the menu on the left.



People’s Garden photo
PEOPLE’S GARDEN AND FEDS FEED FAMILIES -A harvest bouquet from the Lancaster USDA Service Center’s People’s Garden. The Service Center also participated in the Feds Feed Families campaign this summer and donated over 97 pounds of fresh vegetables to their local Food Bank. Read more…



FOOD SAFE FAMILIES – America has one of the safest and most abundant food supplies in the world. But even in this country, too many people get sick from the food they eat.



By Steve Turaj, UNH Cooperative Extension
Coös County, July 2010

More melodramatic titles for this article were suggested by those contending with it. “Rattlers in the Short Grass”, “Vampires Hidden in the Hayfield”, “The Weed that Ate England”. Imaginations can run high when hiking about an infested field, one you’ve been counting on for a good harvest of baled hay.

Yellow or Hay Rattle is a member of the Scrophulariaceae Family, Genus Rhinanthus. My old copy of Gray’s Botany lists four different species being found in this region.

Click on the link above to read more of this article.




TRACTOR ROLLOVER PROTECTION SYSTEMS PROGRAM (ROPS) LAUNCHED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE - For more information on this rebate program available to farmers for installing rollover protection on their tractors, please click here.



FEDS, FARMERS, AND FRIENDS FEED FAMILIES - USDA employees, farmers, and friends are joining together to combat hunger at USDA offices throughout the country; and the government’s goal is to collect 1.2 million pounds of food nationwide. Please click here to find out more about Fed, Farmers, and Friends Feed Families. Also, read some of our success stories:




NE Ovis
By Linda L. Pearson, CED Rockingham-Strafford County FSA - Nestled in the hills of Strafford County, New Hampshire, New England Ovis, LLC, (NEO) is a Diversified Farm Operation which has the highest health of commercially available sheep in the United States, probably the world. Drs. Julie and Richard Hurley, both veterinarians, founded this unique operation in 2005 to prove that, with special management, a flock’s risk of disease could be controlled. Their motivation to develop a “specific pathogen free” or “SPF” sheep flock came from the need of the scientific research community to have a source of animals available where stress and disease was minimized. Click here to read more



Farm Tour

FARM TOUR - On August 25th, 2009, at the invitation of Ray Burton, Governor's Council and Lorraine Merrill, Commissioner of NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Foods, Jay Phinizy, SED, Linda Grames, AO / PS, and Kathleen Dole CED for Belknap/Hillsborough/Merrimack Counties, participated in a tour of four agricultural enterprises: Moulton's Farm Stand, Meredith; Stone Gate Vineyard, Gilford; Sanborn's Dairy Farm, Gilmanton; and Taylor-Brown Wild Blueberry Farm, Alton. These four businesses represent diversity typical of New Hampshire agriculture. Click here to see a larger photo.





Jay Phinizy,
NH State Executive Director
Please click here for more information about Jay.


NH State Committee
Please click here for more information about the NH FSA State Committee


New Hampshire State FSA Office
J C Cleveland Federal Building
53 Pleasant St, Room 1601
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-7941
Fax: 603-225-1410


NH Farm Loan Programs
Keith Farrell, Acting Farm Loan Manager
Phone: 603-223-6003


FSA County Service Centers
Use the “County Offices” link in the left hand column of this page to locate your FSA County Office.

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