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Mimi Garringer, (Administrative Officer)
614-255-2519 (p)
855-832-5100 (f)

  • eGov and Online Business



Brandi Koehler, (Conservation Chief)
614-255-2452 (p)
855-832-5100 (f)

  • CRP Practices and Pictures - Coming soon
  • Habitat for Native Pollinators, brochure
  • Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) – Project Area Number 5, Northeast Ohio, factsheet
  • Northern Bobwhite Quail Habitat Initiative - fact sheet
  • Ohio State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE), CRP Practice CP38, fact sheet
  • Ohio State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) – CRP Practice CP38-4D, Permanent Wildlife Habitat (Non-Easement) to Benefit Pheasants, fact sheet

  • Ohio has 3 CREP's





Farm Loan

David Drake, (Farm Loan Chief)
614-255-2457 (p)
855-832-5100 (f)




Geographic Information System (GIS)

Hayes Hubbs, (State GIS Coordinator)
614-255-2532 (p)
855-832-5100 (f)




Price Support

Carletha Fasching, (Price Support Chief)
614-255-2451 (p)
855-832-5100 (f)




Production Adjustment/Compliance/Risk Management

Matt Kleski, (Production Adjustment/Compliance/Risk Management Chief)
614-255-2446 (p)
855-832-5100 (f)

  • Direct and Counter-cyclical Program, - fact sheet
  • Foreign Investment
  • Payment Limitation
  • Noninsured Crop Assistance Program, - fact sheet
  • Risk Management



Call or write us at:
United States Department of Agriculture
Ohio Farm Service Agency
200 North High St. Room 540
Columbus, OH 43215

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