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eFOIA Request Form
e FOIA Request Form
To make an Electronic FOIA (E-FOIA) request, please fill in the following information.

Failure to enter accurate information may render your E-FOIA request impossible to fulfill. This form is submitted using non-secured email.

All required fields are denoted by asterisk (*)

Section 1: Please provide the following contact information

Affiliated with an educational or noncommercial scientific institution, and this request is made for a scholarly or scientific purpose and not for commercial use.
An individual seeking information for personal use and not for a commercial use.
Affiliated with a private corporation and am seeking information for use in the company's business.     
A representative of the news media and this request is made part of news gathering and not for a commercial use.

Television Station


(You will be informed if the estimated cost will exceed this limit.)


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