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Laws and Regulations

Notice Number For Notice Title Date Effective Related Procedure
FLP-907 State Offices FLP Goals for FY 2024 with Evaluation Methodology
Pages: 10
FLP-906 State Offices FY 2024 Farm Loan Programs Risk Assessment (FLPRA) Reviews
Pages: 2
FLP-905 State and County Offices Microsoft Teams Live Event FSA Online Loan Application (OLA) Training
Pages: 3
FLP-904 State and County Offices FSA-2061 and FSA-2062 Training Announcement
Pages: 2
FLP-903 State Offices Impact of COVID-19 and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 on FY 2023 FLP Goals and Performance
Pages: 2
10/11/2023 1-FLP
FLP-901 State and County Offices Communication of Technical Appraisal Review Findings When Real Estate Appraisal Is Not Acceptable for FSA Use
Pages: 9
FLP-900 State and County Offices Farm Loan Programs Denial Decision Letters
Pages: 3
08/10/2023 1-FLP, 2-FLP, 3-FLP, 4-FLP, 5-FLP, 7-FLP
FLP-899 State and County Offices Application Fast Track Pilot Program
Pages: 40
FLP-896 AL, LA, MS, GA, and FL State Offices 2023 Southeast Region Administrative Appraisal Review and Chattel Appraisal Training
Pages: 5
FLP-895 State and County Offices Modernization of District Director Oversight Reporting System (DDORS)
Pages: 8
07/28/2023 1-FLP
FLP-894 State and County Offices Farm Loan Programs Trainers Training
Pages: 2
07/26/2023 1-FLP, 6-PM
FLP-893 CT, KY, MA, NY, and RI State Offices 2023 Northeast Region Administrative Appraisal Review and Non-Real Estate Property Valuation Training
Pages: 5
FLP-892 State and County Offices Conversion of Credit Quality Reviews (CQRs) to the Internal Review and Documentation Tracking System (IRDTS)
Pages: 2
06/21/2023 1-FLP
FLP-891 State Offices 2023 National Farm Loan Programs Training
Pages: 5
FLP-886 State Offices Executive Order 14058 Training “Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government”
Pages: 4
04/06/2023 1-FLP
FLP-885 State and County Offices Operational Review Prioritization in FY 2023
Pages: 2
03/30/2023 4-FLP
FLP-884 State and County Offices Deployment of the Simplified Direct Loan Application – FSA-2001
Pages: 3
03/27/2023 3-FLP
FLP-882 State and County Offices Loan Docket Priority for FLOT's
Pages: 2
03/02/2023 1-FLP, 6-PM
FLP-873 State and County Offices FMMI Transaction Description Text Structures
Pages: 2
09/12/2022 1-FLP

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