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Office of Budget and Finance - OD

Project Management Office (PMO) Staff

Assignment of Functions

1. The Program Management Office (PMO) facilitates the collection, analysis, documentation, maintenance and dissemination of a wide variety of data that enables FSA users to make sound decisions. PMO provides project management, documentation development, systems support, tracking, and reporting capabilities in support of FSA programs.

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Office of Budget and Finance - Budget Division

Assignment of Functions

1. Core competencies include: 1) providing financial advisory services in areas such as budget formulation, budget execution, policy and procedures, training and education, etc.; 2) ensuring fiduciary compliance with respect to 31 U.S. Code 1301 (purpose of an appropriation) and 31 U.S. Code 1517 (anti-deficiency act) statutes; and 3) financial performance reporting (i.e., budget versus actual, certified financial statements, status of funds usage, etc.). Budget Division performs these core competencies acting as FSA's honest broker and program advocate with respect to the formulation, presentation, justification and execution of FSA program requirements.

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Budget Division - Office of the Director

Administrative Expenses Branch

Assignment of Functions

1. Develop and recommend policies and procedures for the preparation and execution of FSA administrative expense budget and make recommendations pertinent to related programs and functions of FSA and CCC.

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Budget Division - Office of the Director

Programs Branch

Assignment of Functions

1. Formulate and administer budget planning, policies, systems, procedures and strategies for CCC Programs, CCC funded conservation programs, Food for Peace (PL 480) and the Export Credit Guarantee programs. Analyze and make recommendations in collaboration with program officials on the adequacy and effectiveness of overall budget policy of FSA and the above programs. Collaborate with the USDA Office of Budget and Program Analysis, USDA Office of Finance and Management, Department of Treasury, General Accounting Office, and the USDA Office of Inspector General on the appraisal, audit and review of financial transactions of the FSA.

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CFO/Director - Office of Budget and Finance