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Performance Evaluations

As part of the Budget and Performance Management System (BPMS) process, FSA collects program and performance data to report to external audiences, such as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). BPMS also supports internal evaluation by contributing to the Department's management scorecard and assessments.

Independent Evaluations

Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)

The OMB Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), is a standard questionnaire being applied as an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs based on performance and management criteria. The use of this tool encourages continuous program improvement, identifies those programs which achieve their intended results, and helps to determine areas in which performance can be improved.

The PART is designed to evaluate program performance by reviewing four key areas:

  1. Program Purpose and Design
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Program Management
  4. Program Results and Accountability

OMB encourages transparency in government and publishes the results of the PART evaluations at Programs are rated as either "Effective," "Moderately Effective," "Adequate," "Ineffective," or "Results Not Demonstrated. This process assists OMB and federal agencies in making informed decisions while enlightening Congress and other stakeholders on program performance.

Finding PART Evaluations

The PART evaluation results are found at OMB's website.

Select "Department of Agriculture" from the AGENCY drop down selection Press GO.

Scroll down below the pie graphs to find the PART results for the following FSA programs: BioenergyBioenergy
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)Conservation Reserve Program
Counter-Cyclical PaymentAgricultural Crops Counter Cyclical Payments
Direct Crop Payment (DCP)Direct Crop Payments
Direct Farm Loans / Agriculture Credit Insurance Fund (ACIF) Direct LoansAgricultural Credit Insurance Fund Direct Loans
Emergency Conservation Program(ECP)Emergency Conservation Program
Guaranteed Farm Loans /Agriculture Credit Insurance Fund Guaranteed LoansAgricultural Credit Insurance Fund - Guaranteed Loans
Marketing Assistance Loans (MAL)Agricultural Marketing Loan Payments
Milk (Dairy) Price Support Purchase Program (MPSP / DPSP)Dairy Price Support Program
Milk Income Loss Contract Program(MILC)Dairy Payment Program
Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)Non-Insured Crop Assistance program

U.S. Department of Agriculture Internal Scorecard for Agencies

OMB Scorecard for Departments

The Executive Branch Management Scorecard tracks how well the Federal government is executing the President's Management Agenda (PMA). OMB tracks the performance of each Department and that of major Federal agencies in executing the five Government-wide PMA management initiatives.

The Stoplight Scoring System

The scorecard employs a simple grading system common today in well-run businesses:

  • Green for success,
  • Yellow for mixed results, and
  • Red for unsatisfactory.

For further explanation and to view the most recent PMA Scorecards, please follow the link below:

OMB Scorecards

In 2005, in an effort to improve accountability and program management, USDA adopted its own internal management PMA scorecard based on the rating system used by OMB. Agencies self-assess using established criteria linked to the PMA initiative. The Department then reviews the assessment and provides a quarterly score. USDA uses a simple grading system of red, yellow, and green to mark individual agencies' results. Green is for success; Yellow is for mixed results; and Red denotes unsatisfactory progress.

The USDA Office of the Inspector General conducts periodic reports on Agency programs and initiatives. The results are reported to Congress on a semi-annual basis.

OIG Audit Reports