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Senior Advisor to the Administrator

Scott Marlow

Senior Advisor
Office of the Administrator
Farm Service Agency
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington. D.C.

Scott Marlow is the Senior Advisor leading FSA’s Inflation Reduction Act Section 22006 implementation team.  He and the implementation team oversee the delivery of $3.1 billion in relief for distressed borrowers with certain direct and/or guaranteed loans whose agricultural operations are at financial risk.  Before this role, he served as FSA’s Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs.

Before joining FSA, he served as the founder and CEO of Long Rows Consulting, where he provided analysis of risk management, credit, and disaster assistance programs including the role of risk management programs in credit access and their combined effect on conservation and climate change. He also facilitated policy development processes for agricultural organizations and provided training for farm services organizations on working with farmers in financial crisis and addressing the mental health impacts of farm transitions.

Marlow has spent 10 years as an operator on farm crisis hotlines, providing financial counseling and services referrals for farm families in crisis. He also served in multiple positions with the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), where he focused on building coalitions, farm policy, farm credit, and disaster response initiatives.

Marlow is from North Carolina, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University and a Masters of Crop Science from North Carolina State University.