New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (FFAS). 

You have joined a team of employees who are devoted to improving the economic stability of agriculture by providing top-notch service to those who participate in our programs. We take great pride in selecting the best talent available to join our diverse team. Your selection means we value what you have to offer as a very important member of the team You will find FFAS is an exciting place to work and to serve the citizens of our country. 

Those of us who provide leadership for this mission area, as well as the employees you will be working with, are committed to promoting an environment in which you can find your work challenging and a source of personal pride and satisfaction. 

Within the pages of this Web site, you will find information to assist you in learning more about your organization, your responsibilities, and your benefits. During your first few weeks, a buddy will help orient you to the work environment and the many resources provided by FFAS. Your supervisor will also answer any questions you have and assure you are familiarized with office policies and procedures. 

We're Glad You're Here! 

Let's begin your Orientation