Orientation Phase 1

On or before the day you entered on duty, you were given basic information, completed required forms and finger printed.

USDA On-boarding

The Information Security Awareness training is mandated by Federal Law and USDA policy. It is to ensure all personnel are aware of the appropriate use of resources, security policies, procedures, and their individual user responsibilities. This training is required to obtain computer access. 

Orientation Phase 2

During phase 2, your supervisor will give you additional information regarding your job, office policies and procedures, performance, training and advancement, hours of work, leave, security, and ethics.

Your supervisor may assign you a buddy to cover portions of the orientation such as introduction to co-workers, tour of the work area, and how to obtain supplies and equipment.


Orientation Phase 3

Periodic Netmeetings are planned to give you an opportunity to ask human resources staff specific questions. You will be advised of dates and times and given instructions for participating in a netmeeting