The Deputy Administrator for Management (DAM) organization is an operational support office within the USDA Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) mission area. DAM provides reliable and consistent delivery of products and services to our customers in the Farm Service Agency (FSA), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), and Risk Management Agency (RMA).

The DAM organization is responsible for managing a variety of service areas, to include:

  • Acquisition and contract management (Acquisition Management Division)
  • Personnel/physical security and emergency preparedness (Emergency Preparedness Division)
  • Human resources management (Human Resources Division)
  • Operational and administrative services (Management Services Division)

Acquisition Management Division (AMD)

The Acquisition Management Division (AMD) provides procurement guidance to customers throughout the procurement process, to include: acquisition planning, development of acquisition documents, and procuring of services or supplies. AMD ensures that all established procurement laws, regulations, policies and procedures are adhered to while providing acquisition solutions in support of the FPAC mission area.

Emergency Preparedness Division (EPD)

The Emergency Preparedness Division (EPD) serves as the coordinator and liaison for FPAC in the areas of emergency preparedness and management, personnel security, and physical security programs. EPD plays a vital role in creating a safe environment through the continuous vetting of federal and contractor workforces, safety and physical security assessments.

Human Resources Division (HRD)

The Human Resources Division (HRD) provides high quality, mission-driven, and customer-focused human resources services to support the FPAC mission area. HRD services include: strategic planning, employee relations, policy, recruitment, and employee development.

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Management Services Division (MSD)

The Management Services Division (MSD) serves as a multi-functional center of excellence, providing our customer base with a wide variety of operational and administrative services and support, such as: Leasing, Directives, Personal Property, Printing, Records Management, and Space and Facilities.

If you would like to obtain further information concerning the DAM organization, or have any questions concerning products or services, please go to AskFSA.