Minority and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers Assistance

Minority and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers Assistance

The USDA Minority Farm Register is a tool to promote equal access to USDA farm programs and services for minority farmland owners, farmers, ranchers, tenants, and other individuals with an agricultural interest. Participants may receive information or be personally contacted through USDA outreach efforts. USDA programs include direct and guaranteed farm ownership and operating loans, marketing loans, as well as conservation, housing & rural business, and risk management.   

Participation in the Register is voluntary. All minority persons involved in farming or ranching are encouraged to participate. The information you provide may be shared through the USDA Office of Outreach with other USDA-approved outreach partners such as community-based organizations, educational institutions, and other government agencies.   

Minority Farm Register
USDA Office of Advocacy and Outreach
1400 Independence Ave SW Stop 0601
Washington DC 20250-9821

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