Hay Net & TIP Net

Hay Net and Grazing Net

What is Hay Net and Grazing Net?

The Farm Service Agency's (FSA) electronic Hay and Grazing Net Ad Service (eHay Net) is an Internet-based service allowing farmers and ranchers to share 'Need Hay' ads and 'Have Hay' ads online. Farmers also can use another feature to post advertisements for grazing land, specifically ads announcing the availability of grazing land or ads requesting a need for land to graze. A few things to remember:

  • Hay Net and Grazing Ads will be automatically removed after a period of 13 months.
  • Learn how to safely and legally move baled hay from areas under quarantine for imported fire ant — please help prevent the spread of this agriculturally damaging and painful invasive pest.
  • Please help your fellow farmer and rancher by keeping ads current and up to date. Remove ads you no longer need advertised on our Web.

What is TIP Net?

The Farm Service Agency‘ has developed this website to provide a tool to connect retired or retiring land owners or operators with beginning or socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers who are interested in the Transition Incentives Program (TIP).

Helpful Hints

A few things to remember when getting familiarized with the websites:

  • There is a one-time registration process that should be completed by all users who want to post an ad online.
  • Users just wishing to browse ads DO NOT NEED to have an eAuthentication user id
  • Please use this site in a courteous manner. The site was not designed for use by placing ads in each state, or advertising your company.

How do I access the Hay Net and TIP Net Advertisement Services?

Select the respective link at the top of this page, for Hay Net, select “Access Hay Net Service” and for TIP Net, select “Access the TIP Net Service”

How do I register to place a Hay Net or TIP Net Advertisements?

This process is easy and only requires creating a user ID and password and confirming your email. Click here to go to the eAuthentication page. From here, click on the 'Create an Accounts' link, and finally, follow the instructions to complete a request for Level 1 Access.

Once you have your eAuthentication account, you can click on one of the 'Login' links on this page and enter your user ID and password on the USDA login screen.

USDA provides services in a secure online environment that protects participants' privacy through stringent security measures.

FSA's Hay Net and TIP Net customers can use a personal computer to submit Have Hay (or Grazing) Ads or Need Hay (or Grazing) Ads as well as view existing Ads. They can also create TIP Net ads.

When is Hay Net and TIP Net available?

The Hay Net and TIP Net processes are available 24/7, except during routine backup and maintenance periods..