Approved Software

A complete list of available 3rd Party Software can be found in the FSA TRM Standards List (internal FSA use only). This TRM (Technical Reference Model) contains software items that have been classified into one of 6 different dispositions:

Recommended (recommended for use) - Products or technologies recommended for use.

Baseline (in use today) - Products or technologies currently allowed, but not supported.

Containment (no new development) - Products or technologies slated for limited investment (use).

Emerging (under evaluation) - Products or technologies to be evaluated.

Dependent (a dependency for something else) - Products or technologies likely in use (as a dependency), but not necessarily recommended.

Retirement (to be eliminated) - Products or technologies slated for de-investment.

Maven Artifacts

The majority of 3rd Party Software that is delivered as a jar file is managed via Maven in the Nexus repository. The repository can be accessed via two methods (internal FSA use only): Nexus Search GUI or Nexus Index. Contact the Architecture Office if you have questions about any of the items in Nexus or the TRM spreadsheet, or if you need something added to the repository. Requests to add artifacts to the repository will generally fall into one of two categories:

1. Artifact Upgrades - minor version upgrades of existing artifacts where the item is currently available in another central Maven repository. Getting the artifact added to Nexus could be as simple as providing the Artifact ID, Group ID, and the requested version number.

2. Emerging Artifacts - as stated above, these are products or technologies that need to be evaluated, with the intent of eventually changing the disposition to Recommended or Containment, depending on the results of the evaluation. To request an Emerging Artifact, send an email to the AO. The questions that should be addressed in the email are documented in the Artifact Request Email. Additionally, Emerging Artifacts require the completion of an Architectural Decision (AD) after the evaluation period.

Note: The expectation for the AD is that, at a minimum, a source of contact is documented for the new technology. The amount of effort put into the AD may vary.

New Software Tools

New software download requests may require certification by the IO Lab. These requests are independent of Maven. See the Software Acquisition Summary (FSA Intranet Access Only) for specific details.

Non-Maven Artifacts

The items listed below are considered approved software, but are not available in Nexus:

Software/DocLinks (FSA Intranet Access Only)
Ant - ContribAnt - Contrib 1.0
AspectJAspectJ 1.3
BPMN Visio StencilsBPMN Visio Stencils 1.0
 CommonClipseCommonClipse 1.3.0 
CygwinCygwin 1.7
DbVisualizerDbVisualizer 7.1.4
DroolsDrools 5.0.1
FSA Eclipse Software Distribution

Eclipse Software Distribution  Link to Files

Installation Instructions

Firefox Plug-in

Note: To install these plugins - save the file locally as an ".xpi" file, then drag the file into a Firefox browser.

Firebug 1.8.4

FireEyes 0.9.12

HTML Validator

HTTPFox 0.8.8

Total Validator 6.11.0

Web Developer 1.1.9

YSlow 3.1.4

HammurapiHammurapi 4.0.1
iReportsiReports 4.1.2
JAccess - Java Accessibility UtilitiesJAccess 1.3
JADJAD 1.5.8
Java ISQL Viewer - Independent SQL ToolJava ISQL 2.1.4
JavaScript CalendarJavaScript Calendar 1.1
JDBC Driver DB2jcc_type4_V97FP3a
JDBC Driver InformixJDBC Driver Informix
JDBC Driver SQL Server version 3.0 (for JDBC 4.0 and JRE 6.0)sqlserver-jdbc4-3.0
JDBC Driver SQL Server version 3.0 (for JDBC 3.0 and JRE 5.0)sqlserver-jdbc-3.0
For more information about SQL Server JDBC Drivers, see Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) web siteMicrosoft Developer Network (MSDN) web site
JDBC Driver SybaseJDBC Driver Sybase
JDiff - Describes changes between two releases of an APIJDiff 1.0.10
JMeterJMeter 2.3.4



Log4UnitLog4Unit 0.1.2
PuttyPutty 0.62
Secure FTPSecure FTP 2.5.15
SoapUIProSoapUIPro 4.5.1

SoapUI 3.5.1 bin

SoapUI 3.5.1 docs

SoapUI 3.5.1 src

Squirrel SQLSquirrel SQL 3.1.2
Subversion Command Line ClientSubversion Command Line Client 3.5.1
Visual Paradigm for UML

Visual Paradigm 14.0 64 bit 

Visual Paradigm 14.0 32 bit 

Visual Paradigm 11.1 64 bit (supports SVN Integration)

 WinMerge WinMerge 2.12.4
 Xelem Xelem 3.0