Configuration and Change Management

The FSA Configuration and Change Management Program and controls have been implemented to ensure that: 

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53 requirements are met;

  • A system cannot be changed or introduced without proper justification and approval;

  • A system operates correctly;

  • Change requests are addressed according to appropriate procedure;

  • Changes to system functionality are known;

  • Changes do not adversely affect the security of the system; and

  • Changes do not adversely impact another functioning production system.

FSA’s Configuration and Change Management Program holds key information about its system development, promotion, deployment, and maintenance processes. It retains the asset base of potentially re-usable artifacts resulting from the execution of these processes. The FSA Configuration and Change Management Program is an essential and integral part of the overall development processes.

For details regarding implementation of the FSA Change Management Program within the FSA, refer to:     

  • JIRA CCB Implementation Guide - Contains specific details regarding the change management process and the use of JIRA to manage the Change Control Board charter.