Developer Tools Overview

Content in the "Developer Tools" section is protected by eAuthentication and restricted to FSA employees and contractors with eAuthentication Level 2 access. 

There are many tools that support software development. The FSA is primarily a j2ee shop that utilizes SQL Server datasources. The IDE used is Eclipse or the Eclipse based Rational suite of tools, Rational Software Architect (RSA) for example. The developer coreload contains the latest version of the Rational suite of tools and the "Eclipse - Common Distribution" toolset can be found on the Approved Software page. 

The FSA Assets page contains all of the in-house built utilities, libraries, and components that can be used by FSA developers. If you have a utility that you believe could be leveraged by the agency, or would like to request a solution for a common problem, contact the Architecture Office. 

Although downloading any software is strictly forbidden, certain Open Source libraries can also be utilized for development. The Approved Software page contains all approved Open Source and non-Open Source libraries that can be used by FSA Developers. To request additional software contact the Architecture Office. 

Below is a partial list of approved tools, recommended for use at the FSA: 

Technology Area


Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Eclipse,Visual Studio

Data Technology

Microsoft SQL Server

Informix, DB2

Application Server

Websphere (production)

JBOSS (development only)



Defect Tracking/Change Management



iReports,Jasper Reports

Developer Testing


Build Tools




Developer Infobase Wiki 

Another source of information is the Developer Infobase Wiki page in SharePoint (internal users only). It is available to provide a forum for developers to communicate low-level, non-standards based information (i.e. tips and tricks). It is not meant to be a home for policy, standards or flame wars, but rather a place to share undocumented but commonly needed information.