Information Bulletins & Memos

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Information Bulletins (IBs) are released from time to time containing valuable information pertaining to various processes and procedures relevant to FSA. An IB may be classified as Active or Archived. An Active IB is a bulletin that has not expired. In other words, the information contained in the bulletin remains appropriate and still applies to the current environment. An Archived IB is a bulletin that has expired. An IB is expired when a date defined within it renders the IB useless. For example, an IB that indicates platform "AAA" will be decommissioned on 1/1/2009 has an expiration date of 1/1/2009 and will be archived on that date. IBs will also be archived when the content is no longer applicable (i.e., the standards have changed).

A complete list of the current IBs can be found below. Expired IBs can be found on the Archived IBs page.

For a searchable list of all IBs, internal users may visit the SDLC Information Bulletins page in Confluence. From there, you may also generate a PDF of all internal bulletins.

Information BulletinNotes

IB-161 - Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Linking in Applications


 IB-160 - Information Bulletin Applicability to Non-Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) Technologies


IB-159 (Rev. 1) - Restrictions on Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Storage

IB-0158 - Jasper and iText, Java 2EE Rptg & Doc Generation 
IB-0157 - Migration from WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 6.1 to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 5.1 
IB-0156 - Audit Table Standards 
IB-0155 - J2EE and .NET File Processing Standards 
IB-0154 – SSIS Package Platform Upgrade 
IB-0153 – MQ and Java EE Messaging Standards 
IB-0152 (Rev. 2) – Deployment Management Standards 
IB-0151 (Rev. 2) – Java Build Process, Quality Reporting, and Deployment Standards 
IB-0150 – Hyperion Application Data Source Standards 
IB-0148 – Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Standards 
IB-0147 – (Rev. 1) - Source Code Repository 
IB-0146 - Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Persistence and Transaction Management Standards 
IB-0145 (Rev. 2) - Shared Service Standards 
IB-0144 - (Rev. 1) Logging and Exception Handling Standards 
IB-0143 (Rev. 3) - Change Management Process Improvements 
IB-0142 (Rev. 1)- FSA's Web Tools Application 
IB-0141 (Rev. 3) - J2EE Application Diagnostic Standards 
IB-0140 - FSA Reference Project 
IB-0139 - System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Quality Control Process 
IB-0137 - Reference Architecture 3.2Content added to a Developer Resource document.
IB-0136 (Rev. 2) - Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Application Data Source Standards 
IB-0134 - J2EE Application Packaging StandardsIntegrated into the SDLC site.
IB-0133 - J2EE Application Threading StandardsIntegrated into the SDLC site.
IB-0132 (Rev. 1) – JavaScript Usage 
IB-0130 (Rev. 3) – Web Application Security StandardsIntegrated into the SDLC site.
IB-0125 - MRT and CBS Usage 
IB-0121 - Stored Procedure Guideline 
IB-0119 - Component Deprecation Standard 
IB-0117 - Component Testing Strategy 
IB-0111 - Development Integration Policy for SHAM 
IB-0109 - SQL Server Best Practices 
IB-0108 - Spring Framework for Hibernate 
IB-0105 (Rev. 1) - Application Build Naming StandardsContent added to a Developer Resource document.
IB-0100 (Rev. 2) - Application Security with eAuthentication 
IB-0098 (Rev. 1) - eAuthentication Common Logoff Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Using Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) 
IB-0095 - Application-specific Logins for Role-based/Gateway IDs 
IB-0094 - Externalization of Application Configuration Information 
IB-0093 - EAS Impact For Public Facing Applications 
IB-0091 - Download of Critical Files 
IB-0089 - Acceptance Testing Move Directories Relocation 
IB-0085 - EAS role-attribute naming conventions 
IB-0084 - Connecting With IBM WebSphere MQ 
IB-0081 - Production Web Application Coordination 
IB-0080 (Rev. 1) - FSA Web Page Template 
IB-0073 - Database Escalation Locking 
IB-0063 (Rev. 1) - eAuthentication Developer Web Site 
IB-0058 (Rev. 2) - XP Coreload - Local DB2 and SQL Administration 
IB-0055 - Finding Employee Type 
IB-0054 - WAS Long File Names 
IB-0041 - Jasper Reports 
IB-0035 - Development Software and Patches 
IB-0020 - Struts UI Framework 
IB-0019 - JUnit Unit Testing framework 
IB-0011 - AS400 Dev using Java 2 SDK 
IB-0007 - AS400 DB2 Locking