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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Branch primary mission is to inspect and database discrepancies for contractual compliance imagery obtained for the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), Resource Aerial Photography, National Resources Inventory (NRI), and Stewardship Land Inventory (SLI) and (CHP) through digitization of historical aerial photography.

Within the last 10 years Quality Assurance has been transiting from Film base photography to Digital products.

  1. What defects does Quality Assurance inspect for? Clouds, missing imagery, horizontal accuracy, visual quality etc.
  2. Is APFO the best place to get original source imagery data verses 3rd party source on the internet? Yes, because we maintain the certified original imagery.
  3. How do I report imagery problems? APFO webpage, Imagery Feedback Map or contact our Customer Service.
  4. How many years of trending data does Quality Assurance have? 10 years
  5. How many images does Quality Assurance inspect in a season? 700,000 + images

Quality Assurance inspectors inspecting stereo imagery (3D)

Quality Assurance inspectors; inspecting stereo imagery (3D)