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Product Datasheets

Digital Products (Hardcopy) 

A hard copy (or "hardcopy") is a printed copy of information from a computer. Sometimes referred to as a printout, a hard copy is so-called because it exists as a physical object. The same information, viewed on a computer display or sent as an e-mail attachment, is sometimes referred to as a soft copy.

All digital aerial photographs are made from true digitally captured images or scanned from Color Positive (CP) or Color Infrared Positive (CIRP) film that include NAIP, NAPP, NHAP, and some Forest Service projects.

Full Frame = Entire Frame

Sectional = ¼ of Full Frame

  • To view a PDF document showing the informational tables, click here.

Allow approximately 4-8 weeks for processing and up to 10 days for shipping.

Digital Products (Softcopy)

A soft copy (sometimes spelled "softcopy") is an electronic copy of some type of data, such as a file viewed on a computer's display or transmitted as an e-mail attachment. Such material, when printed, is referred to as a hard copy.

Please review the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) webpage and NAIP Data Sheet for a detailed description of the digital imagery program.

You many now obtain NAIP Compressed County Mosaics (CCM) as free downloads from the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway. If you are unable to download from the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway, you may purchase the NAIP CCMs from the Aerial Photography Field Office.

There are no additional charges for media (CD/DVD). The current digital prices are as follows:

  • To view a PDF document showing the informational tables, click here.

Scanned images are made from original film whenever possible and provided in a standard tiff format (not georeferenced). Black and White, Color, and Color Infrared images are $13.00 each. Quantity discounts are not available. Our standard scan is 1016dpi (25 microns) and the maximum is 2136dpi (12.5 microns). A 1m resolution can be provided from 1:40,000 scale film at 25 microns. Use our Imagery Catalogs with the Ground Sample Distance (GSD) and Images per Media Type documents for resolution desired.

Allow approximately 7-14 days for processing CCM's & QQ's, 6-8 weeks for scanned images, and 10 days for shipping.