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Status Maps

NAIP, NRI and Resource Information Maps

This web page contains current year data maps for the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), the National Resources Inventory (NRI), and the Resource flying programs.

Archived status maps are kept for the NAIP program only. To view these archived status maps, click here.

In the APFO Catalog Listing for NAIP, the second column (% COV) may state 100%, but coverage may in fact be less than complete.

Use the Interactive NAIP 2002-2018 Coverage status map below for all NAIP years or Click here to download historical NAIP  quarter quad or film photo center shape files for any given state. Look for NAIP QQ & Photocenter Shapefiles.

2019 NAIP Status Map

2019 NAIP Status Map

Please Note: Multi-layered PDF coverage map is readable from Acrobat 6.0 and above.

NAIP 2014 Status Map

NAIP Status Map

 tn_naipcov_2019Interactive NAIP 2002-2018” to “2002-2019 Coverage Map

NRI Photo Status Maps

Please Note: The National Resource Inventory (NRI) program acquires aerial photos of small 1/4 section sites nationwide. It is special purpose photography for government land-use studies and not available for reproduction or resale.

NRI & SLI 2014 Status

2014 SLI Digital Pilot - JPG

Resource Imagery Status

High resolution/large scale Resource Imagery is typically acquired for the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies for resource management, monitoring and inventory of land, minerals, vegetation, wildlife habitat, recreation, and travel etc. Imagery is typically collected in stereo for 3D viewing/analysis and often delivered in an orthorectified format as well.

Digital Imagery through 2012

Current Resource Projects