Celebrating The United States Warehouse Act

This is a permissive regulatory act which allows agricultural commodity warehouses to voluntarily apply and be issued a license to operate a public warehouse.

The USWA has been instrumental in the development, growth, and maintenance of a public commodity warehousing system.  It provides a foundation for commerce and trade to build upon.  Negotiable  Warehouse Receipts validated by the USWA are widely used and greatly valued by the public banking system , the Commodity Credit Corporation, and Commodity Exchanges.  Rules and Regulation promulgated by the Act offer protection and a safety net to thousands of Agricultural Producers across the United States.  The Act has been a primary tool used to facilitate standardization in the business practices throughout the industry.   

Today, there are more than 3000 USWA licensed warehouses expanding from coast to coast.  The Commodity Operations Team of Examiners and Managers provide excellent service for the USWA program.

It is with great reverence that we acknowledge and celebrate the Century mark of the USWA.  Below is the timeline of historical events surrounding the USWA. Please take the time to venture back in time from August 11, 1916 to August 11, 2016.