BCAP Project Area Eleven

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BCAP Project Area Eleven

This project area is located in Bladen, Cumberland, Duplin, Greene, Johnston, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Pender, Sampson, and Wayne counties in the State of North Carolina. This project will support production of switchgrass and the perennial Freedom Giant Miscanthus conversion to cellulosic ethanol and bio-based chemicals. Only the planting of rhizomes of the Freedom Giant Miscanthus a sterile cultivar of giant miscanthus is authorized for this project area.

FSA will allocate up to $3.996 million for implementation of this project area in FY 2012. The total target for enrollment is 4,300 acres.


11 Counties in North Carolina

Project Area Sponsor:

Chemtex, Inc.


Map of Project Area

Fact Sheet for BCAP Project Area 11

Final EA and Mitigated FONSI