FSA works with Agricultural partners to provide access to information and resources about farm loans, disaster assistance, conservation efforts and other programs designed to help farmers and ranchers grow.

Being an FSA outreach partner is important because:

  • Our target audiences overlap. Many of your members/colleagues/clients are eligible for our programs and you currently have the ability to reach them in a comfortable and trusted environment. By connecting them with our programs, you assist us in casting a wider net than we have traditionally through previous outreach efforts.
  • You know your communities. By partnering with your organization we expand our effort to increase communications with diverse communities.
  • A partnership with FSA ensure that your organization will have the most up-to-date information about FSA loans and programs and connects you with opportunities to receive newsletters, participate in meetings and join in on webinars.

To join FSA’s efforts to educate farmers and ranchers nationwide, contact the FSA State Outreach Coordinator in your our state or county and invite them to your next meeting to provide information to your Ag members.

State Outreach Coordinators