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Amy Pettit, State Executive Director

State Executive Director

Amy Pettit

Amy Pettit

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State Office Address

800 E. Palmer-Wasilla Hwy
Suite 216
Palmer, Alaska 99645-6546
(907) 761-7738

Amy Knapp Pettit was appointed by the Biden Administration to serve as the State Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Alaska in February 2022.

Pettit was raised on a cow-calf operation on the southern Oregon coast where generations of her family have raised premier beef cattle for over 100 years.

She arrived in Alaska in 2005 and began her career with the State Division of Agriculture. During her tenure, she led the Marketing & Development team, was a founding board member of the Alaska Food Policy Council, and served on the North American Agricultural Marketing Officials Executive Board.

Pettit became Executive Director of the Alaska Farmland Trust in 2015 where her role included permanently protecting valuable agricultural lands, promoting the industry across multiple platforms, and educating fellow Alaskans on the importance of their food system.

In 2020, Pettit received the Agriculture Appreciation Award from Alaska Farm Bureau, where she’s been a member for 16 years. She has also been a board member of the Alaska Farmers Market Association for five years.

Pettit earned a Bachelor of Science in agricultural business management in 2003 from Oregon State University.

Pettit enjoys chasing her teenaged daughters from the soccer pitch to the basketball court and seeks to balance it all through teaching and practicing yoga.