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Doris Washington, State Executive Director

State Executive Director

Doris Washington

Doris Washington

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State Office Address

700 West Capitol AVE
Room 3416
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-3225
(501) 301-3000

Doris Washington was appointed by the Biden Administration to serve as the State Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Arkansas in December 2021.

Washington joins FSA with 33 years of experience managing governmental and public affairs initiatives designed to impact environmental protection, education, economic development, and agriculture.

Most recently, Washington was the Director of the National Water Management Center at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. In that role, she directed operations, served as an advisor, and oversaw a $2.2 million budget. Under her guidance, the National Water Management Center successfully planned and implemented an analysis of watershed environmental projects including emergency and disaster programs.

Washington is a two-time graduate of the University of Arkansas where she received a Bachelor of Science in agriculture and a Master of Public Administration in public policy.

Washington lives in Little Rock where she served over 10 years as an Officer in the Arkansas Army National Guard.