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Jeffrey Holmes, State Executive Director

State Executive Director

Jeffrey Holmes

Jeffrey Holmes

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State Office Address

53 Pleasant St
Room 1601
Concord, NH 03301

Jeffrey Holmes was appointed by the Biden Administration to serve as the State Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) in New Hampshire in March 2022.

Holmes is a fifth-generation farmer from Langdon, New Hampshire. The family farm started in 1873 and was home to registered jersey cattle for over 80 years. The operation currently produces hay, corn, maple, timber, and firewood.

Holmes served as an FSA County Committee member and County Executive Director in the Cheshire-Sullivan County office. He also served on the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Board of Directors for 22 years and served as president for eight of those years. He has been serving as the Langdon Town Moderator for the past 15 years. Holmes earned a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from Cornell University.

Holmes and his wife Lisa have been married for 35 years and reside in the same colonial New England farmhouse in Langdon that he grew up in, as did the last three generations before him. They have two adult children who are both married and in 2021, the Holmes became proud grandparents.