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Wanda Perez, State Executive Director

State Executive Director

Wanda Perez

Wanda Perez

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State Office Address

654 Munoz Rivera Ave
654 Plaza Suite 829
San Juan, PR 00918
(787) 294-1613
(855) 415-2494

Photo of Puerto Rico State Executive Director, Wanda PerezWanda Perez was named state executive director of the Puerto Rico Farm Service Agency (FSA) in September 2018.

Perez was born and raised in the mountainous Municipality of Aibonito. She and her family raised livestock, including poultry, beef cattle and goats, and a variety of crops, including coffee, bananas, oranges, sweet potatoes and beans. She earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science from the University of Puerto Rico, Recinto Universitario Mayaguez (RUM).

Perez’s career with FSA has spanned more than 25 years. She most recently served as the acting state executive director and executive officer for Puerto Rico FSA where she was instrumental in emergency operations after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. She received an FSA Administrator’s award in 2018 for Heroism and Emergency Response for her actions during the recovery efforts.

As executive officer, she was responsible for managing the administrative division, farm programs and farm loan programs. She has also served as Puerto Rico FSA’s farm loan chief and as a farm loan specialist.

Prior to her career with FSA, Perez worked for the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture as an agronomist.

Throughout her career, she has received many accolades from USDA, including the USDA Secretary’s Honor award and FSA Administrator’s award in 2011 for her achievements with Puerto Rico’s farm loan and farm programs and for her leadership and dedication.

Perez and her husband live in San Juan and have two children. She enjoys cooking and traveling to different places around the island with her family.