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Kelly Adkins, State Executive Director

State Executive Director

Kelly Adkins

Kelly Adkins

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State Office Address

2405 Texas Ave. South
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 680-5150
(979) 680-5235

Kelly Adkins was appointed by the Biden Administration to serve as the State Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Texas in May 2022.

Adkins is a native of Haskell, Texas, where he was raised on a small family farm. He has operated his own agricultural operation in Randall and Haskell counties consisting of wheat, hay and pastureland.

Adkins has enjoyed a long career with FSA serving the farmers and ranchers of Texas. He has held a variety of positions with FSA including County Executive Director in Grimes and Randall counties, District Director, Director of the Texas Association of FSA County Office Employees, Mediation Coordinator, and as a County Office Trainee Program Trainer and Instructor.

Previously, Adkins served on the board of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Amarillo, where he held the positions of Vice President and Treasurer. He was also President of the Nominating Committee for the Consumers Coop. Adkins is a member of Texas Cattle Feeders Association, Texas Wheat Producers and Consumers Coop.

Adkins was recognized by Randall County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension with the Outstanding Demonstrator/Top Hand Award for his work in the community.

Adkins earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and economics with a minor in agriculture from Texas Tech University. In college, Adkins worked at the Texas A&M Agricultural Research and Experiment Station where he gained a deeper knowledge of agriculture.

Adkins currently lives in Canyon, Texas, and spends his time helping run a small farming and cattle operation in Randall County.