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What are eLDP's?

The Farm Service Agency's (FSA) electronic Loan Deficiency Payment Service (eLDP) is an Internet-based service allowing producers to request LDPs online and, in most cases, receive approval and payment by direct deposit within 72 hours. eLDPs are available to eligible producers in all 50 States and are offered as an additional option to producers requesting an LDP. LDP benefits are still available at the local FSA county office. However, eLDP services provide greater flexibility to producers who conduct business online and want to avoid travel time to and from the local FSA office.

How Do I Access the eLDP Service?

Access to the eLDP service is available to all USDA customers. In order to insure personal identity, you must first register for a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 Account. This process is easy and starts online by creating a user ID and password and confirming your email. The final step requires visiting a local USDA Service Center to complete the eAuthentication process.

Once you have your eAuthentication account, you can click on the 'Access eLDP Service' link below and enter your user ID and password on the USDA login screen.

Access eLDP Service

USDA provides eLDP services in a secure online environment that protects participants' privacy through stringent security measures.

  • All participating customers will have an eLDP Customer Profile set up through a software application that validates their farming and crop information.
  • Local FSA county offices will maintain Customer Profiles for accuracy.
  • Customer Profile information is provided by the customer and verified by farm records stored in the local FSA county office.

FSA's eLDP customers can use a personal computer to submit an LDP application. After the eLDP is approved by USDA, the payment is automatically routed by electronic funds transfer to the customer's bank account.

The eLDP process is available 24/7, except during routine backup and maintenance periods. The applicable LDP Rate is based upon the rate in effect on the application date for the location of the stored commodity.