CRP Grasslands Signup 201 Overview

FSA is offering a signup under Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasslands that began on June 4, 2018. Ranking factors have been updated from previous signups.

See new ranking factors.

Read our June 1, 2018 news release.

Ranking Land Offered for CRP Grasslands

Interested participants may submit an offer applications with FSA at any time. These offers will be batched and reviewed at least once per year to determine which offers can be approved using applicable CRP Grasslands ranking factors. FSA collects data for each of the ranking factors based on the relative benefits for the land offered. Each eligible offer is ranked in comparison to all other eligible offers and selections for acceptance are made from that ranking.

FSA uses the following ranking factors, including:

  • Existence of expiring CRP;
  • Existing Small Livestock Operation;
  • Existing Grassland;
  • Existing Multi-species cover and predominance of native species;
  • State Focus Area (land-based) determined in consultation with State Technical Committee;
  • Applicant is an eligible Beginning, Veteran or Socially Disadvantaged farmer or rancher;
  • Cost, and;
  • Other factors as determined by FSA.
Small Livestock Operations

Small livestock operations with 100 or fewer grazing dairy cows or equivalent can submit applications to enroll up to 200 acres per farm.

Animal Kind/Class

Animal Unit Equivalent

Beef/Buffalo/Dry Dairy Cow


Dairy Cow


Beef/Dairy/Buffalo Bulls






Yearling Cattle


Eligible Producers

A producer must have owned or operated the land for at least 12 months prior to closing the CRP enrollment period, unless:

  • The new owner acquired the land due to the previous owner’s death;
  • The ownership change occurred due to foreclosure where the owner exercised a timely right of redemption in accordance with state law; or
  • The circumstances of the acquisition present adequate assurance to FSA that the new owner did not acquire the land for the purpose of    placing it in CRP.
Eligible Land

Land currently must be planted to a grass cover.

Rental Payments

In return for following an approved CRP conservation plan, FSA provides annual rental payments to participants based on 75 percent of the NASS estimated pastureland rental rate as determined by FSA for the life of the agreement.

Cost-Share Assistance

FSA provides cost-share assistance to participants who establish approved practices on eligible land in an amount that is not more than 50 percent of the participants’ costs in establishing approved practices.

Download the CRP Grasslands Ranking Factors Fact Sheet here