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Emergency Haying and Grazing

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) provides for emergency haying and grazing on certain CRP practices in a county designated as D2 or higher on the U.S. Drought Monitor, or in a county where there is at least 40 percent loss in forage production. 

Emergency use of CRP acres is available in eligible counties if the stand is in condition to support such activity and is subject to a modified conservation plan.

Resources on this site include maps and lists of counties eligible for emergency haying and grazing of CRP acres.  These maps are updated weekly on Thursday.

For program details, producers should also review the eligible practice resource guide and program fact sheet posted on this site.

Not in an eligible county? There are options available under non-emergency haying and grazing provisions outside of the primary nesting season.

To ensure compliance and protect program benefits, always check with your local USDA Service Center to discuss available assistance before initiating haying or grazing on CRP acres.