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CRP Practices Library

The CRP Practice Library 

CP-1 --"Establishment of Permanent Introduced Grasses & Legumes"

CP-2 --"Establishment of Permanent Native Grasses"

CP-3/3A --"Tree Planting"

CP-4D --"Permanent Wildlife Habitat"

CP-5A --"Field Windbreak Establishment"

CP-8A --"Grass Waterway"

CP-9 --"Shallow Water Areas for Wildlife"

CP-12 --"Wildlife Food Plot"

CP-15A --"Contour Grass Strips"

CP-16A --"Shelterbelt Establishment"

CP-17A --"Living Snow Fences"

CP-18B --"Establishment of Permanent Vegetation To Reduce Salinity"

CP-21 --"Filter Strip"

CP-22 --"Riparian Buffers"

CP-23 --"Wetland Restoration On Floodplains"

CP-23A --"Wetland Restoration, Non-Floodplain"

CP-25 --"Rare And Declining Habitat"

CP-27 & 28 --"Farmable Wetlands Program"

CP-29 --"Marginal Pastureland Wildlife Buffer"

CP-30 --"Marginal Pastureland Wetland Buffer"

CP-31 --"Bottomland Timber Establishment on Wetlands"

CP-33 --"Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds"

CP-36 --"Longleaf Pine Establishment"

CP-37 --"Duck Nesting Habitat"

CP-38 --"State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE)"

CP-39 --"Farmable Wetlands Program Constructed Wetlands"

CP-40 --"Farmable Wetlands Program Aquaculture Wetlands"

CP-41 --"Farmable Wetlands Program Flooded Prairie Wetlands

CP-42 --"Pollinator Habitat"

CP-43 --"Prairie Strips"

Restoring Duck Nesting Habitat

Enhancing Wildlife

Improving Soil Health

Longleaf Pine

Restoring Pollinator Habitat

Protecting Water Quality

Upland Bird Habitat Buffers

Restoring Wetland 

Restoring Wildlife Habitat