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Feed Grains and Oilseeds Analysis


The Feed Grains and Oilseeds Analysis Group serves as Farm Service Agency's (FSA's) primary analytical resource for the formulation, development, analysis and evaluation of marketing loan and income support programs for feed grains (corn, sorghum, barley, and oats), oilseeds (soybeans, sunflower seed (oil and non-oil types), safflower, flaxseed, rapeseed, canola, mustard seed, crambe, and sesame), as determined and announced by the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). The group provides economic and marketing analyses of feed grains and oilseeds production and utilization, evaluating existing program policies and assessing the impact of program alternatives on existing operations. These analyses insure that policy-making officials are provided with expert economic, marketing, and program advice on feed grains and oilseeds policies, program alternatives, and related issues.


Feed grains and oilseeds acreage account for about 55 percent of the U.S. principal crops planted acreage. CCC net expenditures attributable to feed grains and oilseeds have averaged $7.6 billion and account for around 37 percent of total CCC net expenditures during fiscal years 2000-2005. Also, feed grains and oilseeds CCC net expenditures ranged from $2.5 billion to $14.5 billion during this period. Monitoring the feed grains and oilseeds policy situation are critical for FSA to provide timely program benefits and cost-effective resource management.

Historical Commodity Loan Activity Reports