Wildlife Habitat Studies

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Wildlife Habitat Studies

CRP enhances wildlife habitat. The grass, trees, and wetlands established by CRP benefit numerous wildlife species. Several studies have identified benefits to multiple wildlife populations.

Reports from MAE studies that measure wildlife benefits are listed below. Click the title to view the report.

Project Reports and Articles




Efficiency of the Conservation Reserve Program in Context of Focused Landscape Management for Northern Bobwhites and Associated Species (648 KB, PDF)

Yeiser, Martin, Dailey, and Foley


Effectiveness Monitoring of the Conservation Reserve Program and Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative for Managing the Biodiversity Grassland Birds in the Southern Great Plains (972 KB, PDF)

Pavlacky and Green


Developing Decision Support Tools for Optimizing Retention and Placement of Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands in the Northern Great Plains for Grassland Birds (3 MB, PDF)

Fields, Barnes, Niemuth, Iovanna, Ryba, and Moore


Extending removal and distance-removal models for abundance estimation by modeling detections in continuous time (1 MB, PDF)



Amphibians, Pesticides, and the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus in Restored Wetlands in Agricultural Landscapes (1 MB, PDF)

Reeves, Pierce, Vandever, Muths, and Smalling


Lesser Prairie Chicken Fence Collision Risk Across Its Northern Distribution (1 MB, PDF)

Robinson, Haukos, Plumb, Hagen, Pitman, Lautenbach, Sullins, Kraft, and Lautenbach


Restored Agricultural Wetlands in central Iowa: Habitat Quality and Amphibian Response (653 KB, PDF)

Reeves, Pierce, Smalling, Klaver, Vandever, Battaglin, and Muths


Management of Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands to Meet Wildlife Habitat Objectives (31 MB, PDF)

Vandever and Allen


Economic Contribution, Impacts, and Economic Benefits of Deer, Waterfowl and Upland Game Bird Hunting in North and South Dakota: Relationship to CRP Lands (941 KB, PDF)

Loomis and Haefele


Assessing the Biological Benefits of the USDA-Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) for Waterfowl and Grassland Passerines in the Prairie Pothole Region of the United States: Spatial analyses for targeting CRP to maximize benefits for migratory birds (3 MB, PDF)

Drum, Loesch, Carrlson, Doherty, and Fedy


Lesser Prairie Chicken - Lesser Prairie-Chicken Movement, Space Use, Survival, and Response to Anthropogenic Structures in Kansas and Colorado (2 MB, PDF)



Lesser Prairie Chicken - Lesser Prairie-Chicken Reproductive Success, Habitat Selection, and Response to Trees (1 MB, PDF)



Pesticide concentrations in frog tissue and wetland habitats in a landscape dominated by agriculture (2 MB, PDF)

Smalling, Reeves, Muths, Vandever, Battaglin, Hladik, and Pierce


Lesser Prairie Chicken - A Historical Record of Land Cover Change of The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range in Kansas (3 MB, PDF)



Estimating the Effect of the Conservation Reserve Program on Endangered, Threatened, and Candidate Wildlife Species (2 MB, PDF)

Benton, Hammerson, McNees, Menard, and White


Conservation Reserve Program CP33–Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds Bird Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 2006–2008 Final Report (3 MB, PDF)

Evans, Burger, Smith, and Riffell


Estimating the Response of Ring-necked Pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) to the Conservation Reserve Program (2 MB, PDF)

Nielson, McDonald, Sullivan, Burgess, Johnson, Johnson, Bucholtz, Hyberg, and Howlin


Recreational Use & Economics of Conservation Reserve (CRP) Acreage: A National Survey of Landowners (1 MB, PDF)

Allen and Witter


Waterfowl Response to CRP and Swampbuster Provision in the Prairie Pothole Region, 1992 – 2004 (1 MB, PDF)



Benefits of the CRP to Grassland Bird Populations in the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota and South Dakota (2 MB, PDF)

Niemuth, Quamen, Naugle, Reynolds, Estey and Shaffer


Fish and Wildlife Response to Farm Bill Conservation Practices (2 MB, PDF)

Haufler, ed.


Estimating Wildlife Response to the Conservation Reserve Program: Bobwhite and Grassland Birds (491 KB, PDF)

Riffell and Burger


Estimating Response of Ring-Necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) to the Conservation Reserve Program (691 KB, PDF)

Nielson, McDonald, Sullivan, Burgess, Johnson, and Howlin


Use of Conservation Reserve Program fields by greater sage-grouse and other shrubsteppe-associated wildlife in Washington state (4 MB, PDF)

Schroeder and Vander Haegen