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Guaranteed Loans - Lender Toolkit

Lenders who are subject to credit examination and supervision by an acceptable State or Federal regulatory agency and have experience in agricultural lending are eligible to participate in the FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Program.

FSA has 4 programs lenders use to make and service guaranteed loans. Non-traditional lenders and lenders without agricultural lending experience may become a Micro Lender. Lenders who have limited experience with FSA guaranteed loans may qualify as a Standard Eligible Lender. Lenders who have a positive track record with the FSA guarantee program may participate in the Certified Lender Program or the Preferred Lender Program (PLP).

Guaranteed Lender Training

Guaranteed 101 Training - January 2024

  • Slides
  • Recording
  • Q&As - Coming Soon 

Partnering with FSA's Direct Loan Program to Assist Producers - September 2023

Guaranteed Lender Best Practices Training - June 2023 

PLP Refresher Training - January/February 2023 

Common Guaranteed Loan Forms

Our most common forms can be downloaded directly using the links below. If the form you are looking for is not listed, use the eForms site to obtain the form by name or form number.

Guaranteed Loan Maximum Interest Rates

Online Electronic Transaction Options

The Lender Interactive Network Connect (LINC) system provides Guaranteed Lenders the ability to conduct business with FSA online. LINC's primary functions allow lenders to:

  • Enter Loan Closings
  • Submit Electronic Fee Payments
  • Submit Semi-Annual Status Reports
  • Submit Default Status Reports
  • View specific Loan Information
  • Establish Lender Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

The LINC User Guide (pdf, 1,590KB) provides step by step instructions for FSA's Guaranteed Lenders in completing the above functions. The Quick Reference Guide for LINC gives lenders helpful tips on how to set up and use the LINC system. This guide walks lenders through how to add users and assign them roles as well as instructions on how to enter semi-annual status reports. If you need additional assistance using LINC, please contact your local FSA Service Center.

In order to ensure personal identity when accessing LINC, you must first register for a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 Account. This process is easy and starts online by creating a user ID and password and confirming your email. The Quick Reference Guide for Level 2 eAuth Account will assist lenders in setting up their level 2 eAuth account that will allow them to access and use the LINC system. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up the eAuth Account that will allow lenders to enter their own status reports and loan closings.