About Us

The Farm Service Agency Office of Program Education and Stakeholder Engagement coordinates and implements agency-wide outreach activities to farmers, ranchers and stakeholders who can benefit from the agency's programs and services. Our goal is to increase the participation of customers in FSA programs with targeted marketing activities to those who are underserved. Underserved customers include:

  • Minority farmers/ranchers and landowners/operators (including African-Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asian/Pacific Americans, Hispanics), Women, and the physically challenged who may need, but have not fully benefited from, USDA assistance;
  • New or Beginning farmers and ranchers (including youth and veterans);
  • Farmers and ranchers who have not participated in or have received limited benefits from FSA programs that may improve their quality of life, their community and/or the environment;
  • Small specialty crop farmers, organic farmers and other farmers with production practices that are different from most farmers in the area.

Office of Program Education and Stakeholder Engagement Staff

  • J. Latrice Hill – Director (Biography)
  • VACANT– Outreach Program Manager
  • VACANT– Program Management Specialist
  • VACANT– Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
  • VACANT- Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
  • Cynthia Cuellar – National Outreach Specialist
  • Esther Lin - National Outreach Specialist
  • Vacant– National Outreach Specialist
  • Sharon Hayden – Outreach Program Analyst

Our Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Office of Program Education and Stakeholder Engagement include:

  • Connecting farmers and ranchers with state outreach coordinators and events;
  • Coordinating and monitoring state and county outreach activities;
  • Monitoring and providing guidance in developing Strategic Outreach Plans for each state;
  • Providing training and FSA outreach policy guidance to FSA employees;
  • Institutionalizing enhanced customer service by developing educational resources for field staff to implement locally;
  • Developing new and innovative outreach partnerships that facilitate new or expanded participation in FSA programs, especially from underserved farmers and ranchers;
  • Educating farmers and ranchers on the FSA County Committee processes and encouraging participation in county elections, especially from the underserved;
  • Working with other USDA agencies; federal and state agencies; community-based and faith-based organizations; grower associations; cooperatives; 1862, 1890, and 1994 Land Grant Colleges and Universities; Hispanic Serving Institutions and tribally controlled colleges to provide technical assistance, training, and enhanced program delivery to shared agricultural communities.

FSA State Outreach Contacts and Initiatives

FSA has strengthened its outreach commitment by assigning Outreach Coordinators in every county office nationwide, as well as State Coordinators in all 51 state/territory offices.

The State and County Office Coordinators serve as primary points of contact for FSA's state and local outreach initiatives and activities. Activities may include workshops, presentations, trainings and seminars, with specific targeted marketing efforts to include, but not limited to, the following underserved farmers and ranchers:

  • Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
  • Minority Farmers and Ranchers (African-Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asian/Pacific Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics)
  • Specialty Crop Producers
  • Veteran Farmers and Ranchers
  • Women Farmers and Ranchers

FSA outreach coordinators are committed to carrying out effective state outreach programs to:

  • Establish partnerships with members of underserved communities, community based organizations, local community leaders, educational institutions, and other federal agencies.
  • Promote the need for representation from underserved groups on FSA County Office Committees.

Contact the Outreach Coordinator in your state.

For More Information

More information about FSA programs and initiatives is available at FSA state and county offices.