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Stakeholder Toolkits

Stakeholder Tools

Below are resources for stakeholder and partner organizations to use that assist with program outreach efforts.

Farm Service Agency Accepting Nominations for County Committees June 15 through Aug. 1

The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) is accepting nominations for county committees now through Aug. 1, 2022. Elections will take place starting in November. County committees are unique to FSA and serve as a direct link between agricultural communities across the country and USDA. For more information on FSA county committees, visit fsa.usda.gov/elections.

Stakeholder Toolkit


County Committee Brochure (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tribal Agricultural Landowner Voting Eligibility Poster

2022 Nomination Form for County FSA Committee Election (PDF)

2022 Formulario De Nominación Para Elecciones Para El Comité Del Condado De La FSA (PDF)

2022 Nomination Form for Urban Agriculture County FSA Committee Election (PDF)

2022 Formulario de Nominación para la Elección del Comité Condal de la FSA de Agricultura Urbana (PDF)

Translated versions coming soon.

Fact Sheet (English): County Committee Elections - 2022

Fact Sheet (Spanish) Elecciones del Comité del Condado - 2022

Fact Sheet County Committee Elections - Eligibility to Vote and Hold Office - 2022

Fact Sheet: Urban County Committee Elections - 2022

Translated versions coming soon.

Pandemic Cover Crop Program

Signup ended March 15: Producers must file a Report of Acreage form (FSA-578) for cover crops with USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) by March 15, 2022 to receive the benefit.

Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program

Signup dates:  FSA accepted SMHPP applications from December 15, 2021 through April 15, 2022.

Dairy Margin Coverage Program

Sign up: USDA has extended the deadline to enroll in Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) and Supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage (SDMC) for calendar year 2022. The deadline to apply for 2022 coverage was March 25, 2022, rather than the original deadline of Feb. 18, 2022.

Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC)/Price Loss Coverage (PLC) Toolkit

Enrollment:  FSA enrollment and election period for the 2022 Crop year opened October 18, 2021 and ended March 15, 2022.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) - General Signup

Signup for the general CRP program began January 31, 2022 and ended March 11, 2022.  The Grassland CRP signup ran from April 4, 2022 to May 13, 2022.

Programs without Signup Deadlines:

Emergency Relief Program

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)- Continuous

Signup for the continuous CRP program is ongoing.

Equitable Relief in Farm Loan Programs (FLP)  

2018 Farm Bill implemented changes in some farm loan program requirements and provisions. 

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) FSA Debt Payments (Section 1005)