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Alabama State Office

State Executive Director

Clifton Warren

Clifton Warren

Read Clifton Warren'

State Office Address

4121 Carmichael RD
Suite 600
Montgomery, Alabama 36106
(334) 279-3500

Farm Service Agency

Welcome to the Alabama Farm Service Agency. Agriculture is Alabama's largest industry, contributing nearly $5 billion to the State's economy each year. With over 37,000 farms covering more than eight million acres, wherever you look in Alabama, you see agriculture. Some of the best agricultural products in the world are grown in Alabama, from poultry and peanuts to sweet potatoes and catfish. At least fifty different commercial crops and livestock are produced in Alabama.

Our primary mission at FSA is to assist Alabama’s farmers and ranchers to secure the greatest possible benefit from programs administered by FSA, such as farm loans, commodity price support, disaster relief, conservation, and other available resources. The hard working men and women of Alabama’s 45 county offices are at the forefront of our efforts, and they remain the primary contact for program participation and related questions.

Please visit our website periodically to obtain the most up-to-date agriculture information affecting you.

Alabama Agriculture Statistics

According to NASS.USDA.gov 2023 Alabama Agriculture Overview there are 37,100 Farm Operations on 8.6 million acres throughout the state.  2022 Census data show the total number of farms decreased while the average size of farms increase.  Top crops by value are Corn, Cotton, and Hay. 2023 Summary of Crop Production key findings for Alabama show, corn for grain production in 2023 totaled 52.5 million bushels, up 53 percent from 2022. Cotton production, at 715,000 bales, was down 14 percent from the previous year. Peanut production totaled 481 million pounds, down13 percent from 2022. The 2023 peanut yield of 2,810 pounds per acre represents the lowest yield on record since 2010. Soybean production, at 14.8 million bushels, was up 2 percent from 2022. 

2023 Alabama Agriculture Overview

2022 Census of Agriculture- Alabama

Land value and Cash Rent News Release