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Arizona State Events

State Executive Director

Grace Lamas

Grace Lamas

Read Grace Lamas'

State Office Address

230 N. 1st Avenue
Suite 506
Phoenix, Arizona 85003-1726
(602) 285-6300
(855) 220-1760
DateEvent InformationLocation
April 12th

Arizona Urban Ag/Beginning Farmer/Rancher Financial Resources Workshop(Webinar) UofA, FSA, NRCS

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Other Dates to Remember

May 30, 2022FSA offices are closed
June 20, 2022 (observed)FSA offices are closed
July 4, 2022FSA offices are closed
September 5, 2022FSA offices are closed
October 10, 2022FSA offices are closed
November 11, 2022FSA offices are closed
November 24, 2022FSA offices are closed
December 26, 2022 (observed)FSA offices are closed