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Colorado State Resources

State Executive Director

Kent Peppler

Kent Peppler

Read Kent Peppler'

State Office Address

Denver Federal Center
Building 56, Room 2760
Denver, Colorado 80225-0426
(720) 544-2876

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Colorado USDA Beginning Farmer Rancher (BFR) Webinar Series

USDA is an “Every Day, Every Way” department that touches the lives of every American, every day by supporting the agriculture sector, strengthening rural communities, promoting healthy eating, and helping to protect our natural resources. At the forefront of our mission is the support we provide to farmers to help them start—and continue—farming. If you have been wondering where to start at USDA, this is the place for you. The Colorado Farm Service Agency (FSA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Rural Development (RD), and Risk Management Agency (RMA) have collaborated to create a webinar for our producers to go over general program basics for each agency and the resources available to them.

Each month will be a different topic and producers will have to register for each event individually. Below are the Presentations from previous months as well as the registration links for future months:

Previous Meetings and Resources

February 21, 2024: USDA Program Basics

Future Meetings & Registrations

March 20: Working with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loans - Registration Link for March 20th 
April 17: How to get Started with FSA and Why it’s important
May 15: RD financial assistance programs REAP Program and Value-Added Producer Grants
June 19: Working with the Risk Management Agency (RMA) Crop & Livestock Insurance
July 17: Technical and financial assistance to producers and forest landowners to address natural resource concerns (NRCS)
August 21: Soil Health and how use Web Soil Survey
September 18: Urban Ag
October 16: What CSU has to offer!
November 18: Colorado Department of Agriculture New Farmer & Rancher Resources