Delaware State Events

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Delaware State Events

State Executive Director

Robin Talley

Robin Talley

Read Robin Talley '

State Office Address

1221 College Park DR
Suite 201
Dover, Deleware 19904
(302) 678-4250
(855) 389-2246

2019 Statewide Events

Meetings or Events

DateEvent InformationLocation
February 2020Women In AG

Dover Downs Conference Center, Dover, DE

Mid-Atlantic Women In AG

July 2020Delaware State Fair

Harrington, DE

Acreage Reporting Dates

DateEligible Crop
Dec 2019Small Grain

Contact your local County FSA Office to file:

County FSA Offices

May 2020Peas & Potatoes
July 2020Soybeans, corn, spring planted

For More Local events:

Delaware State Department of Agriculture

Events Calendar