Georgia State Programs

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Georgia State Programs

State Executive Director

Dianne Westmoreland

Dianne Westmoreland

Read Dianne Westmoreland'

State Office Address

355 East Hancock Ave
STOP 100
Athens, Georgia 30601-2775
(706) 546-2266
(855) 409-5735

Program Contacts

State Outreach Coordinator

Neal C. Leonard, Jr., Outreach Coordinator & Public Affairs

Farm Programs

Brett M. Martin, Chief

Megan Smith Kennedy, Agricultural Program Specialist
Benjamin J. Shirley, Agricultural Program Specialist
Haylie B. Haines, Agricultural Program Specialist
Katy S. Maddox, Agricultural Program Specialist
Krista M. Knight, Agricultural Program Tech Specialist
C. Lynn Massey, Agricultural Program Specialist
Terri P. Riley, Agricultural Program Specialist

Farm Loan Program

Robert M. Tyson, Jr., Chief

David Laster, Agricultural Loan Specialist
Jantrice Power, Loan Analyst
Sara R. Harris, Agricultural Loan Specialist
Charles W. Tyson, Jr., Agricultural Loan Specialist
Claude J. Gordon III, Agricultural Loan Specialist
Newton Gilman, Agricultural Loan Specialist


Dianne R. Westmoreland, Administrative Officer

Debbie A. Anderson, Administrative Specialist
Joseph S. Young, Administrative Specialist
Kyle S. Mansfield, Administrative Specialist
Ian Brooks, Administrative Specialist
Kathy Turner, Administrative Specialist