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Indiana State Programs

State Executive Director

Julia Wickard

Julia Wickard

Read Julia Wickard'

State Office Address

5981 Lakeside Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46278


Jared Thomas, Program Chief, 317-295-5918
Jason Kishton, Program Specialist, 317-295-5915
Kim Hamilton, Program Specialist, 317-295-5954

Farm Loan Programs

Kala Nicholson-Cline, Farm Loan Program Chief, 317-295-5930
Annie Davis, Farm Loan Specialist, 317-295-5928
Tyler LePage, Farm Loan Specialist, 317-295-5925
Shirley Miller, Farm Loan Support Specialist, 317-295-5914
Tony Payne, Appraiser, 317-295-5950

Disaster/Price Support

Susan Houston, Program Chief, 317-295-5907
Samantha Garrison, Program Specialist, 317-295-5905
Summer Ray, Program Specialist, 317-295-5908

Production Adjustment

Kaitlin Myers, Program Chief, 317-295-5913
Madison Haney, Program Specialist, 317-295-5906

Public Affairs/Outreach

Angie Stuehrenberg, Public Affairs/Outreach Coordinator, 317-295-5902


Kris Soonpaa, GIS Management Analyst, 317-295-5967