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Urban Ag

State Executive Director

Jim Barber

Jim Barber

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State Office Address

441 S. Salina St
Suite 536
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 477-6300
(315) 477-6323

Are You a NYC Grower?

If you are growing an agricultural product in New York City, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, flowers or honey, you can register with USDA Farm Service Agency. Registering with us will allow you to vote in Urban County Committee Elections and stay engaged in the latest programs and services FSA offers. To register, fill out our online form. For more information, contact the NYC Urban County Executive Director, Mirem Villamil at ana.villamil@usda.gov.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is committed to working with farms of all sizes and in all locations, including those in urban areas, and offers a wide variety of programs and services to urban producers to help them start, expand and improve their operations.  Urban producers in New York City are invited to join a pilot program for urban and suburban producers that includes the opportunity to participate in Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Committees (COC), a critical part of FSA operations that allow grassroots input and local administration of federal farm programs. 

Mirem Villamil Hired as New York City County Executive Director

Mirem Villamil is delighted to join the Farm Service Agency following fifteen years of growing school gardens in New York City, the last twelve of those as Head Garden Manager of the nonprofit Edible Schoolyard NYC. She is excited to introduce FSA programs to urban growers, learn more about what is needed, and work towards improving existing programs to better serve the city. Mirem hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Contact the NYC Urban County Executive Director, Mirem Villamil at ana.villamil@usda.gov or 680-895-0228

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